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Sexy Abodminal Thrust

If you don’t know how to proceed when somebody is choking, follow these recommandations very narrowly.


I was wondering how one can proceed a CPR. Watch this video and learn how to do it in a very exciting and sexy way. Awesome!

This is a teaser of a show (performed by Solène Cerutti) telling the story of women waiting for their husbands sailing far away from home for a long time a long at high seas. She recalls their fears, memories and long days of expectations. It is quite overwhelming indeed. In case you can’t play it at once, here is the link


I thought that in a circus you would find as well male as female performers but I’ll have to rethink about that stereotype. Actually I just discovered a small circus group called the “Cie Et Ta Soeur” (literally the “Company And Your Sister”) where the performers are only women. The show (mixture of chinese mast and tango in a misfit world) is about 45 minutes long and tells about a conflict between 2 sisters who can’t stand each other once on a stage. They put themselves into dangerous situations which take them into some passionate and intentional aacidents. And just to put a little bit more confusion in all that funny business thing the show is called “Sa Mère” (“Her Mother”). Don’t ask me why about that weird name. It’s just a girl thing you know. Enough writing and in case you can’t play it at once check this link out Sa Mère

“The Engine”

“The Engine” will surprise, astonish you and will spread soft musics wherever it goes!
It’s an amazing pedal vehicle with a piano, trombone and drums on it led by 3 eccentric characters.
They perform classical music of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century (polka, tango, march, boston, nocturne…).
Here is the link in case you can’t play it at once The Engine